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Courage to Collaborate for Improved Forestland Restoration Outcomes

At Reclaimit, our network of natural resource professionals seeks to be relentless in the hunt for sector-leading forestland restoration solutions. Our greatest satisfaction is found when applications to address environmental deficiencies produce results that are as good or better than targeted, the solution(s) render minimal harm to the cultural integrity and economic stability of the region’s stakeholders, and our presence is enhanced by contributing to and learning from the stewardship practices of others. Although these collective goals are rarely delivered in equal proportions, a socially acceptable distribution of these success measures is what Reclaimit’s environmental professionals aim for in the reclamation of Boreal Forest sites.

The recovery of Canada’s Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) herds is in question, for the ecosystem health and societal management issues that are harming their long-term viability do not exist in isolation from one another. These challenges comprise a legacy of decades of decisions, both actively and passively, that involved many governments, industries, personnel, predator-prey relationships, and other impacting environmental events (E.g., wildfires, insects, floods). And because the resulting problems were not simply created, it is unreasonable to suggest that they will be easily and quickly undone. For the solutions needed to fix the issues, if not as complex as the environmental-social-economic topics they attempt to confront, are difficult to apply and in many instances, yet to be discovered.

Forestland restoration solutions of the sort that address the broader spectrum of issues and valued outcomes, are rarely solved by solo practitioners using singular methods (E.g., tree planting). At Reclaimit we know that making progress requires a well-designed team from the onset. The best teams are of a calibre where leaders and workers have a variety of backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences, with enough confidence, humility, and emotional intelligence to know when to lead and when to come alongside in support.

Legacy linear feature entering a treed bog and turning off to the West, Northwest Québec, May 2023.


In Reclaimit’s search for innovative solutions to address current and emerging reclamation challenges, it is always looking in places it would not normally consider within its comfort zone. In April Reclaimit staff initiated meetings with forestland professionals in Saskatchewan to learn more about their issues, and in early May repeated the initiative with a short-term expedition to North-west Québec. These districts have similar ecosystems to those that we work with in Alberta and British Columbia. And it turns out that the forest land professionals in those parts are also faced with similar challenges related to the long-term viability of the caribou and the social-economic impacts associated with recovery initiatives that could affect their regions. This is not a surprise to anyone, right? Is there an opportunity to collaborate? I think so!

By working cooperatively with others, Reclaimit is committed to leading and partnering with Canada’s best environmental professionals to reverse the downward trend in the viability of Canada’s iconic animal. With the recovery efforts happening across Canada, the momentum will only grow as environmental professionals muster up the courage to engage others and better solve these kinds of environmental problems. Because we are stronger together, our collective strengths and resolve in the recovery of the caribou population is not a case of misplaced optimism, dreaming, nor delivering too little, too late but rather a culmination of the courage to collaborate for improved forestland restoration outcomes.

Random photograph of the lower vegetative community of a treed bog of interest, Northwest Québec, May 2023.

More themes remain for me to revisit, and many more new ideas await my discovery as I explore the exciting world of Reclaimit’s forest remediation and reclamation services, and travel across the provinces of Canada and around the world in project-related adventures. Have a question about my blog articles, reclamation services, or have a forestry-related question? Click here to drop me an email!

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