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Be creative, and get problems solved

Thanks to children I witnessed playing near the community of Vaudreuil, Haiti when I was there in 2016, I was reminded that being creative when presented with a problem is of great value. For the children I was observing, their problem was the pursuit of amusement: seeking a toboggan experience in an environment lacking both sled and snow. So how did they solve it? They simply found a large piece of bark and a soil-exposed slope (in various stages of water saturation) and start sledding.  Pwoblèm rezoud!!

In western Canada, the business of boreal forest reclamation in a remote setting offers innumerable opportunities for reclamation professionals to be creative. So, three weeks after returning from Haiti, I opted to establish a snow cache using a shovel and fresh snow to provide temporary shelter for our dormant seedlings. That’s right, use the snow to keep the seedlings warm!! The snow cache application in the 2016 Caribou Reclamation Program for MEG Energy Inc. allowed us to use snow’s insulating properties and effectively protect our seedlings from some seriously cold nights (-38o C)!  And yes, when properly applied, this application works quite nicely. Another reliable tool used by Reclaimit to successfully achieve forestland reclamation in a remote forest setting 😊

More themes remain for me to revisit, and many more new ideas await my discovery as I explore the exciting world of Reclaimit’sforest remediation and reclamation services, and travel across the provinces of Canada and around the world in project-related adventures. Have a question about my blog articles, reclamation services, or have a forestry-related question? Click here to drop me an email!


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