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An Infection called ‘Good News’. I think it is time…

I think that good news is contagious. So, how about we collaborate and share some good news by being intentional and strategic? Well, in 2020 I decided to give it a shot and found myself partnered within a group of 5 other private citizens wanting to voice solutions, instead of problems. Together, we strategized and soon met with Alberta’s Environment Minister. And, after being heard, we got some good news!!

Geothermal Energy is nothing new, right? Right. But in our part of the world, we needed help to see it gain some traction. So, our team highlighted the geothermal energy topic by bringing some exposure to the existing and reputable players and encouraging much-needed regulatory support in its development. And the result?!? Alberta’s Bill 36, legislation to remove “red tape’ and create a basis for repurposing infrastructure and skillsets to put people back to work and harvest geothermal energy. Good news!

So, be encouraged to take your conversation beyond the coffee shop. Bring forth the ideas that will help your society, family, and environmental stewardship. There is no better time than now to gain an attentive listener! It is about time for a new contagion: Good News! Let it reign in 2021!!

More themes remain for me to revisit, and many more new ideas await my discovery as I explore the exciting world of Reclaimit’sforest remediation and reclamation services, and travel across the provinces of Canada and around the world in project-related adventures. Have a question about my blog articles, reclamation services, or have a forestry-related question? Click here to drop me an email!


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