Cold Lake & East Side Athabasca Woodland Caribou Ranges

MEG CLRP Caribou Restoration

2014 - 2021

Restoring Woodland Caribou Habitat

The MEG CLRP Caribou Restoration program is one of many such initiatives undertaken by energy and forestry companies operating in the Cold Lake and East Side Athabasca Woodland Caribou Ranges.

In conjunction with other regional industry operators, MEG Energy Inc. is working to improve the amount of available habitat to this ‘at risk’ species.

Figure 1. Caribou herd ranges of interest to regional operators.

Since 2014, Reclaimit has worked with one of our clients, to restore caribou habitat within the East Side Athabasca Range (ESAR).

To date, habitat restoration activities have included:

  • Restoration of 168 km of legacy seismic line and other linear features
  • Creating 10, 500 ha of contiguous caribou habitat in the ESAR.
  • Planting 115,000 seedlings
  • Contributing innovative practices for linear restoration in a variety of ecosystems

Figure 2. Two animals out of a group of four woodland caribou that wandered onto an active Reclaimit worksite, Saskatchewan, 2015.

Figure 3. Example of target linear feature prior to treatment.

Figure 5. Ground level view of a line treated with mounding and planting in February 2019.

Figure 6. Forest recovery progress since treatment in the winter of 2014, as observed in May 2020.