Community & Social Development Project

2008 - 2012

Consulting Context

The citizens of Bangladesh have a world class work ethic. The Bengali people are also very resilient in the management of economic, environmental and social challenges.

In 2008 a Reclaimit environmental consultant was invited to partake in a community and social development project in the northern community of Osmanpur. After visiting the project location and interacting with the leaders and impacted community members a partnership was established with Empower Global Ltd., to become involved in an initiative to add living space to the orphanage, provide beds for the overcrowded dormitory, expand education programs for children, invest in the micro-finance program and encourage development of the vacant land within orphanage property compound for the benefit of the site residents.

Bangladesh is a densely populated country.

Returning to the area in 2012, the Reclaimit consultant conducted an audit of the project’s development progress since 2008 and reported its findings back to Empower leadership.  Key findings included a confirmation that education activities, micro-financing and infrastructure development were active and meeting the project targets: education services were sustainable, businesses were being developed, children had clean and adequate space to sleep and all residents were well nourished.

Our consultant made two recommendations. First, consider alternative use for the formerly vacant land, now growing Eucalyptus, to produce food. And second, reallocate funds being used in new infrastructure projects that were beyond the site’s needs toward additional microfinance investments and skills training for participants and the maturing children from the orphanage.

Orphan children residing and receiving education at the Osmanpur development, 2012.

Land within the secure walls for the facility that was formerly vacant (2008) and recommended for a food production and associated teaching opportunities. Currently growing Eucalyptus (2012).

The partnership between Reclaimit Ltd. and Empower Global Inc. continues today. Our consultancy leaders recognize that Empower is an effective NGO due to its commitment to building relationships with strategic in-country partners, its facilitation of development plans with measurable outcomes, its proven track record in providing a hand up, not hand outs, its financial transparency and the commitment of its leaders to maximize project investments with minimal overhead costs.

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