Sustainable Resource Development

Sustainable development and the land reclamation services provided by Reclaimit are an essential part of the oil and gas industry. Under recent government regulations, companies are responsible for their impact on the land. Accumulated liability from decommissioned well sites and pipelines can hamper your ability to do business or shut you out of opportunities for future development.

With Reclaimit, you limit your company’s liability with professional and reliable systems.  That’s right: systems.  The Reclaimit business has drafted its own Environmental Management Systems to assure product delivery and reliability.  It is our method of assuring First time: Right time: Every time


To obtain a reclamation certificate, your company must provide a comprehensive report detailing:

  • An analysis of any contamination found at the outset of site reclamation, covered in a first phase environmental assessment of the site
  • Details on how remediation to deal with contaminants was completed or proof of compliance with government requirements for drilling waste disposal
  • Evidence of soil replacement and re-vegetation and/or re-forestation, contained in a second phase environment site assessment, and proven through samplings and site assessments.

As your one-stop, restoration, land reclamation, and field service solution, Reclaimit gives you the on-call expertise to obtain reclamation certificates on your decommissioned well sites and pipelines

Reclaimit Gives You Sustainable Development

Reclaimit can give you more than land reclamation. We can give you prevention. As a company involved in resource exploration and extraction, you want to minimize your impact on the earth. In addition to helping you meet government standards, sustainable development is the right ethical and economic choice.

Reclaimit can help you plan sustainable development that preserves clean air and water and either protects or restores the productive capacity of the soil. Sustainable operation from the outset is good for your conscience and your bottom line – you will have less liability and lower restoration costs when decommissioning any part of your operation.