Reclaimit Consulting Services

In addition to handling complete land reclamation projects, Reclaimit offers the following consulting services. For smaller restoration projects, our consulting services allow you get the specific expertise you need while handling the physical work of reclamation in-house. For larger projects, you can engage Reclaimit as part of your site reclamation team.


Safety is Reclaimit’s highest operating value.  Why? Because we value our people, customers and hard fought reputation for reliability.   We understand the cost to your company of an accident, recorded incident, or lost time report on your work site. In addition to working within the guidelines of client safety programs, we have developed our own safety practices to bring us into alignment with SECOR & ISNetworld. Our program operating style is such that we assure our people – and yours – return home unharmed. Despite working on remote and often hazardous locations, our commitment to safety has assured our excellent, accident-free record.

Remote Site Logistics

Reclaimit has extensive experience handling reclamation of remote locations. We specialize in managing the logistics of working safely in remote locations, including places where the only access is by helicopter and the only spectators are grizzly bears. If you need help handling a project in a remote location, call us. We’ve probably worked out the solutions already.

Natural Vegetation Restoration and Soil Typing

Is the soil on your site sand, silt or clay? Is it a Solonetzic soil type? Where does it start and end? Reclaimit’s experience with soil management assures that we operate confidently within our strengths to support natural vegetation restoration needs.  When needed, we are not afraid to garner more specialized soil expertise or respectfully step back to allow you to engage that support.  The key is to get  nature on your side, by determining the best choices to match the growing conditions on your specific site.

Natural vegetation restoration gives you:

  • Long-term erosion control that eliminates additional work and saves you money;
  • Lower site preparation expenditures in forested areas;
  • Elimination of costly noxious weed management;
  • Reduced monitoring and management costs;
  • Support for your social license to practice;
  • Support to microsite nutrient availability (e.g. nitrogen fixing);
  • Better working relationships with other land stakeholders – industrial and non-industrial.

Effective Reclamation Project Design

Our years of experience in Alberta and B.C. gives us a clear understanding of government requirements to issue either an Alberta government Reclamation Certificate or B.C. government Certificate of Restoration. We design your reclamation project to achieve the most cost-effective certification possible.

Preparation and Submission of Government Applications

Reclaimit has the professional expertise and credentials to submit the application for an Alberta government Reclamation Certificate or a B.C. government Certificate of Restoration. If you are ready to talk to one of our Reclamation Experts, contact Reclaimit Natural Resource Consulting directly or fill out our Inquiry Form.